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K2 is the industry's first multimedia community platform for businesses.  Train,Communicate and Collaborate with your users in engaging video, audio, slideshows and more!

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How to do things in K2...

K2 is a powerful and dynamic platform.  You can add pages, change their style, edit text, video or audio...all with a few clicks of your mouse.  We've setup a K2 Demo template here, but you can change or remove anything on your own at any time.

Try a few of the following tasks to get started with your K2 site today...

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  • Click on Branding & Logo to upload your own logo (GET HELP)
  • Click on the edit icon in the corner of a text box to change it (GET HELP)
  • Upload a video file and add a single video module (GET HELP)
  • Add a tab above and create a new page in your site (GET HELP)

Valuable K2 Downloads

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